Come and enjoy some friendly competition at the Horsham Golf Club. We currently are running the following competitions and tournaments. Please contact the Pro Shop for more information.

The Hole in One Club

Any member (male and female) of our club can join the Hole In One Club by contributing $50 payable at the bar; (money to be accompanied by an entry form which provides basic players details).

The money collected sits there until early November. At this point 50% of the fees are allocated evenly between those lucky enough to have had a hole in one during the year in an official event at HGC. If 100 players entered at $50 each then the pool of $5000 x 50% ($2500) would be distributed to those achieving a hole in one. If only 1 player had a hole in one they would get the $2500. If 10 players had a hole in one then each would get $250.

The remaining 50% is distributed amongst the other players via a shoot off from 100, 125 and 150 metres distance from the 18th or 9th hole prior to Sunday Brunch. Any hole in one on the shoot out is regarded as occurring after the main competition has closed and would only be paid out as nearest the pin on that day.

On the shoot out day each club member will have 3 shots from each distance and the winner for each grade will receive 1/2 of the 50% pool. Grades are handicapped based and will include male and female players within that handicap bracket. If a player cannot partcipate in the shootout they can nominate a proxy who has a handicap within one shot of their own.

If no-one was lucky enough to get a hole in one during the year 50% of the pool will be distributed via the shoot off and the 50% is put on the bar for food and drinks instead of players paying for the whole luncheon. A bit of fun for all. Have a crack and support your club.

2017 saw a shootout as there were no members of the Hole-in-one club hole out.  Winners of the shootout were Judie Delahunty and Craig O'Connor.

Hole in One shootout Judie Delahunty Craig OConnor