Ladies & Mens Championships


Ladies Championships     

The 2019 Horsham Golf Club Ladies Championships is competed over 4 rounds in 3 grades as well as the Puss Smith Trophy for senior ladies. 


A Grade  

B Grade

C Grade

Puss Smith Trophy

2019 Club Champion Jenny McRae  2019 B Grade Champion Kathy Strudwick     2019 C Grade Champion Joan Williams     2019 Puss Smith Trophy Elaine Milbourne

    Club Champion Jenny McRae              B Grade Kathy Strudwick                            C Grade Joan Williams                           Puss Smith Trophy Elaine Milbourne

2019 Nett winners B Grade Donna OConnor A Grade June Crabtree C Grade Marj Reinheimer

                                                                                      Nett Winners - B Grade Donna O'Connor, A Grade June Crabtree, C Grade Marj Reinheimer

   Men's Championships 2019

A Grade                               ****Handicap is over 3 rounds with top 8 qualifying for the final round


B Grade

C Grade

2019 Club Champion Lewis Gebert  2019 Intermediate Aaron Madin  2019 B Grade Damien Thomson   2019 C Grade Peter Brennan

     Club Champion Lewis Gebert                  Intermediate Aaron Madin                    B Grade Damian Thomson                         C Grade Peter Brennan

                                                          2019 Handicap C Grade Robert Johns Intermediate Simon Hobbs A Grade Nick Thomson. Absent B Grade Darryl McCrae

                                                      2019 Handicap C Grade Robert Johns, Intermediate Simon Hobbs, A Grade Nick Thomson.

                                                                                           Absent B Grade Darryl McCrae